Maria Jose Scholarship Program


Product Description

In memory of Maria Jose Cepa Contreras Mohan Skiing & Boarding offers a limited number of scholarships to help defray the costs of lift tickets, equipment, lessons, and busing. Maria Jose loved this program because she believed in helping others. Out of everything that Mohan does, this program was dear to her heart. In her honor we name it after her. Maria Jose's family has agreed to donate her gear to this cause.

The goal of the scholarship program is to offer outdoor recreation opportunities to those who might not have the chance to participate. We hope to instill a lifelong love of winter sports and the outdoors to students of all backgrounds.

Mohan scholarships are need-based and consider total household income using the same income guidelines as the National School Lunch Program. In addition to meeting the income guidelines of the National School Lunch Program, students must be in good academic standing. In order to serve as many students as possible, priority will be given to qualified first-time applicants.

At this time, we can offer scholarships for:

  • 100% off transportation, lessons, lifts, and rentals (scholarship value of approximately $800 - $900)
  • 50% off transportation, lessons, lifts, and rentals (scholarship value of approximately $400 - $450)
  • 100% off transportation and lessons (scholarship value of approximately $335 - $395)
  • 50% off transportation and lessons (total scholarship of approximately $170 - $195)

Income Eligibility Guidelines 

      Household                         2015 Annual                       2016 Income

        Size                         Household Income         Monthly Household

        1                                       $21,978                                  $1,832

        2                                       $29,637                                  $2,470

        3                                       $37,296                                  $3,108

        4                                       $44,955                                  $3,747

        5                                       $52,614                                  $4,385

        6                                       $60,273                                  $5,023

        7                                       $67,951                                  $5,663

        8                                       $75,647                                  $6,304