History Timeline

In the fifty plus years Mohan Skiing & Boarding has been in operation, there have been a few changes.  What has not changed is the enthusiasm of the thousands of students and staff that have been involved.

1960 – Sally Ann Strand started the program at Ski Acres as Northshore Ski School.

1967 – John Mohan became ski school director.

1970 and on – Name of school transitioned to Mohan Ski School (and Ski Acres Ski School) to reflect the schools other than Northshore who had joined the program.Brochure from the 1980s

1975 – Entered the Guinness Book of World Records with a 16-man backflip.

1980 - Began working with SKIwee, a "universal ski-teaching program for kids."

1980 – Ski Acres was acquired by Ski Lifts, Inc. (owner of Snoqualmie Summit) and eventually became Snoqualmie Central.

1985 - Named one of the top ten ski schools in the United States by SKI Magazine.

1993 - Selected as best ski school in Washington State.

1994 – Nicholas Herrin joined the school as an assistant, and went on to become the Chief Executive Officer of the PSIA/AASI.

2004 – Leadership of the school transferred to Rob Stimmel.

2015 – Leadership of the school transferred to Nif Stimmel.