Our Supervisors

Just the best ones

Pat Smith, Training Director

Pat Smith

Training Director

Pat started skiing in 1968 at Ski Acres (now Summit Central) after being inspired by watching Jean-Claude Killy win three golds at the Grenoble Olympics. He grew up skiing at Mission Ridge and started instructing at Hyak (now Summit East) for Pac-West Ski School in 1982. He taught at Mission Ridge from 1983 to 1994, started teaching for the Mohan Board Meeting program in 1990 and still works with that program. Pat began working with Mohan training clinics and weekend classes in 2006.

Jim Swanson, Training Director

Jim Swanson

Training Director

Jim joined the Ski School in 1986. His enthusiasm and determination led him to obtain his Level three Certification with the Professional Ski Instructors of America in 1993. Though he enjoys teaching students of all ages and abilities, he really shines in training potential and continuing ski instructors at Mohan. His love of skiing leads naturally to sharing his knowledge and expertise with all of us.

John Martinson, Training Supervisor

John Martinson

Training Supervisor

John is in the snow sports industry from multiple avenues; he is a sales rep for Dynastar, a Mohan Supervisor and sits on our Board of Directors. John runs our senior ski program on Tuesdays and our Friday programs as well. Skiing has been a part of his life for over 40 years.

Greg Anderson, Supervisor

Greg Anderson


Greg is a lifelong Pacific Northwest skier. He is a second generation Mohan Ski School Instructor. He joined after both his daughters joined. Greg grew fond of Mohan because we promote family time. Greg naturally progressed into a Supervisor role and now sits on our Board of Directors.

Brad Ball, Supervisor

Brad Ball


Brad grew up in the Mohan ski school starting out riding in a backpack on his Dad's back. Mohan Ski School is his winter home. Brad is one of the few that teaches both Skiing and Boarding. His favorite thing about teaching is the excitement he sees on a students face when a skill finally clicks.

Dan Albertini, Supervisor

Dan Albertini


Dan has 18 years experience with Mohan. He started as a ski instructor which naturally led him into the role of clinic instructor and then Supervisor. Dan now serves as a Board member on the Mohan Board of Directors. His love is creating smiles by handing out awards and recognition.

Frank Rose, Supervisor

Frank Rose


Mohan's first Snowboard instructor way back in 1980 something. Enjoys beginner lessons the most. Enjoys watching people succeed. "It's not that you can't, it's that you don't know how yet."

Lauren Mikov, Supervisor

Lauren Mikov


Lauren started out as a student with Mohan. After a 4 years of lessons we asked her to join us as an assistant in 2001. She received her PSIA Level 1 certification in 2009. Since 2009 she has taught our staff games and problem solving to ensure that are students are having fun. Lauren enjoys passing on her love of skiing to new generations of both students and instructors.