Volunteers Needed

Volunteers Needed - Join Us Today!!

Our school programs rely heavily on Volunteer parents and/or teachers to help coordinate and facilitate the weekly program. Outlined below are the descriptions of the positions and their various responsibilities.

Volunteer Positions

Program Coordinator

Responsibilities include: Promoting ski/board club, directing parents/students to on-line registration, conducting one information meeting for students/parents, being available to answer questions about ski/board club as they arise, selecting and scheduling your school's/program's chaperones (generally the PC is also the head chaperone and emergency driver's teams.

Bus Chaperone

Loads & checks-in students as they board the bus both to & from Summit. Enforces good behavior and rules on the bus.

Emergency Driver

Team available to take a student to either an Emergency room or home. This is for students are too ill to stay up at the mountain but do not require ambulance transportation to an emergency room.You must check in at the Mohan Hut as soon as you arrive (prior to the start of any daily lessons). and you are required to stay until the last bus

To be an Emergency Driver, you must

  • Hold a valid driver's license
  • Provide a minimum of $100,000/$300,000 liability insurance for yourselves and the vehicle
  • Have two adults in the car, one male and one female
  • Have a full length sleeping area in the vehicle with easy access
  • Maintain the vehicle in mechanical condition with snow or studded tires
  • Carry chains, road flares, a first aid kit, several blankets, a plastic sack, deicer, and a window scraper


Must be in the meeting area 20 minutes before classes start/end. Directs students to appropriate class signs.

Applicant Instructions

Please contact the Program Coordinator for the school program you are interested in assisting. Complete the Volunteer Registration form on-line. There is no fee to register. You will be required to complete Sections C & D of the Washington State Patrol Form.

Volunteer Ticket and Pass Guidelines

The Ski Area controls all policies and guidelines for Discount Season Passes & Free Daily Lift tickets.

Free Daily Lift Ticket Handling

We receive a limited number of free daily lift tickets for chaperones, emergency drivers & greeters. These lift tickets are a courtesy which is provided by the ski area. These tickets are DATED & ONLY valid on the days they are handed out. All Program Coordinators, Bus Chaperones, Emergency Drivers &/or Greeters receiving a free dated ticket must agree their ticket may not be sold, traded or given away & that it is expressly for their sole use.

Single Day Bus Tickets

If there is a vacant seat on one of our buses, the head chaperone may sell $55 single ride tickets to anyone wishing the single day transportation option.

Program Coordinator Tickets / Discount Season Passes

Every Program Coordinator will receive one (1) free dated ticket for each week they come to the mountain OR if they have at least 30 paid bus participants in their program, they may choose to receive one (1) Staff Application form allowing them to purchase ONE $60 + tax Staff Season Pass. If you have at least 40 paid Mohan bus participants, Mohan will reimburse your $60 + tax pass fee. Please keep in mind that this season pass is only good for the named Program Coordinator and there may only be one PC per program!

Bus Chaperones

Every bus may receive up to three (3) free dated tickets. The Program Coordinator is considered one (1) of the three (3) Chaperones. If the Program Coordinator has elected to take the staff season pass, then the available Chaperone tickets is reduced down to two (2) tickets per week. As an added courtesy each bus may have a fourth (4th) Chaperone seat on a space available basis. This Chaperone does NOT qualify for a free dated ticket on that trip. No other non-paying passengers are to be allowed on the bus for any reason without the advance permission of the Ski School Director.

Emergency Drivers

EACH Bus is allowed one (1) Emergency Driver. The Emergency Driver receives one (1) free dated ticket. Emergency Drivers must report to the ski school meeting hut upon arriving at the mountains (before the buses arrive). They are to go to the ski patrol at least once every 2 hours to check for injured participants. Finally, they must NOT leave the mountains until all participants are accounted for and all the buses from their program have left the parking lot for the return trip.If an Emergency Driver wants a season pass instead of the comp ticket they must: Agree to go up as an Emergency Driver all six weeks your program operates and they must pay the $160 + tax support staff season pass fee. We do anticipate receiving a few Emergency Driver season passes that the ski area is going to waive the additional $100 + tax fee on. Please contact us ASAP if you are interested in learning more about getting one of these special season passes.


We want one (1) or two (2) greeters for most sessions we teach group lessons. Greeters may earn one (1) free dated ticket for agreeing to work at least two sessions on that day. Since we only use one or two greeters per session, anyone interested in this position should submit their Volunteer application to the ski school office ASAP. We will then select the greeters as needed for each session.

Interested? Fill out the forms below and click the big red "Click To Register" button.
Please Note:  Forms are required regardless of other background checks done through your school or other organizations. 
Please return to Mohan office via fax/email or mail
FAX: (425) 868-2368
P.O. Box 685, Redmond, WA 98073