Our Leadership





Nif Stimmel

President & C.O.O.

Nif grew up in the ski school, learning to ski at age two. Today Nif carries the vision Rob created and has surrounded herself with a team of professionals committed to the mission of Mohan Skiing and Boarding. She runs our ski school office and works hand in hand with the staff to ensure that classes run smoothly and that our customers are highly satisfied with their mountain experience.






Gordy Ball


Gordy has over forty years experience teaching and leading ski enthusiasts of all ages. He continues to serve the Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA) as an examiner and has served on the Board of Directors, and as a divisional clinic leader. "Developing a community of skillful, joyful, student centered instructors that lead students into successful mountain experiences" continues to be his lifelong goal.





Sally Strand


Sally Ann Strand dedicated her life to the art of teaching. She spent 32 years as a Northshore biology teacher and 10 more as a substitute. Past graduates remember her as a favorite teacher because she made science come alive. Her passion encouraged countless students to become doctors, surgeons and other health care professionals. She established the Northshore Ski School in 1960 with 35 students and one bus. With her husband and staff, she created and later passed on a highly rated ski school that is still in operation after 57 years with over 200 staff and over 3000 students each season.



John Mohan (right)


John is an internationally known instructor and wrote 'Teaching People Skiing and Boarding'. John has taught for Ski Magazine and has was awarded the 'Golden Acorn & PSIA-NW Instructor of the Year'. John was the PSIA-NW Certification V.P. for over 13 years and is currently a professor at Northwest University, and has also taught at the University of Washington, Bellevue Schools & the National Ski Academy. John also helped develop SKIwee, a Ski Magazine program for children.


Rob Stimmel (left)


Rob was an innovator and constantly worked to improve the program to enhance the student experience as well as implementing the Assistant Life Skills training program. His tireless energy was truly inspirational.  Rob joined the school in 1967 and was director from 2000 to his tragic death in 2015.


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